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admin : April 26th, 2015

We invite you to learn more about Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church – a welcoming and friendly community of Christians in Evansville, Indiana.  Saint Paul’s is a historic parish, formed more than 150 years ago.  We are proud of our roots and heritage; we are also excited about who we are now and who we are becoming.   The Book of Common Prayer describes (the) mission of the Church in this way: “The mission of the Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ… The Church pursues its mission as it prays and worships, proclaims the Gospel, and promotes justice, peace, and love… The Church carries out its mission through the ministry of all its members.” (BCP 1979 p. 855)  If you are looking for a church home, we would encourage you to join us for worship.

God’s peace be with you,   St. Paul’s Vestry


Sr. Warden’s April 12th Announcement to the Congregation

Keith Wyatt, Senior Warden, shared the following at this mornings 8 & 10:30 services:

“….Part of the transition process is that we need to hire an interim rector.

The steps in that process are:

  • Screening of potential candidates by the Diocese
  • Initial contact of a candidate by St. Paul’s
  • Conduct an interview with the Vestry
  • Check references
  • Reach agreement on contractual matters
  • Obtain approval of the contract from the Diocese
  • Confirm anticipated start date
  • Vestry approval of final contract/officially extend the Job offer
  • Sign all of the paperwork and make the announcement to the congregation

As we shared previously, we have interviewed a candidate. This is someone that the Vestry is very pleased with and excited about the possibility of them coming to St. Paul’s and serving as our interim. The candidate is also very excited about the possibility of coming to St. Paul’s – so while I can’t confirm that we have a done deal and things can still get off track I am very very very positive about where we are in the process.”

He also requested that all members attend the presentation which Canon Debra Kissinger will give on April 26th @ 9:15 AM


Parish Announcements

for Sunday, April 26, 2015

  • We welcome Canon Debra Kissinger today.  Please attend the forum at 9:15 a.m. regarding the priest transition.
  • Geraniums can be picked up following the service today.
  • Residents are invited to attend a Traveling City Hall meeting Wednesday from 5:30-7 at the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville, 700 Bellemeade Avenue.
  • Rev. Walker will celebrate Holy Communion in the Chapel at 12:05 pm on Wednesday.  Contact the office to talk with him about a pastoral need.


Canon Debra Kissinger Conducts Congregational Forum

April 26th between 8 & 10:30 Services

At this meeting Canon Debra Kissinger shared the process for calling a new rector. She compared the steps to a prayer rosary, which we learned is a favorite prayer technique of Bishop Cate.  The rosary has so many beads and one offers a prayer for each of the beads.  Calling a new rector has many steps like progressing along the prayer bead chain.

St. Paul’s has made great progress in Stage One and has identified a preferred interim candidate.  The interim candidate wants to come to St. Paul’s and must inform the Vestry of his current position. Sr. Warden Keith Wyatt will soon have additional information for you.

Using the rosary analogy here are the four stages of calling a new rector.  Please follow these links and discuss the process with any Vestry member:


St. Paul’s Choir

Our choir has been doing a fabulous job at the 10:30 Sunday services! Thank you choir! Thank you Margaret!
2010.12.22 Choir

Proposed New Bylaws

Please follow this link for a copy of the proposed new bylaws presented at the annual meeting and now under review by the Vestry:

Generous Reflections

In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, he asked them to give to the distressed Christians in Jerusalem. Paul told them their participation in the offering to Jerusalem was a way “to test the sincerity of [their] love” (2 Corinthians 8:8). True charity and generosity can’t be commanded. Paul wanted the Corinthians to prove their sincerity by giving selfishly and spontaneously. In the same way, we show our sincerity through our giving and by doing God’s will. “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality” (Romans 12:13). By God’s grace, we are empowered to give generously to those in need. In our giving, we demonstrate the love of Christ in our hearts.



The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis


Applicants for the Committees to Elect a New Bishop for the Diocese



Please see the linked letter: